The culture of the child cannot enter the classroom, unless it has first entered the consciousness of the teacher (Basil Bernstein)

Ka Hikitia

Colleen Douglas Presentation

Learning Paradigms

Western Paradigm
  1. What (we are going to learn)
  2. Why we are learning it
  3. How we are going to learn it
  4. Then only at this stage do we think about who the learners are.

Maori Paradigm
  1. Who comes first (who we and they are)
  2. Then why we are learning something
  3. Then how we might best learn it (co-construction of learning, working it out together)
  4. Only then exactly what we will learn

Measurable Gains Framework

The draft material / rubrics are constantly being updated so please check the Ka Hikitia site to access the latest versions of these.
Measurable Gains Framework
Although I encourage you to use the Ka Hikitia site to gain further understanding of the material and philosophy behind it, these links will take you to the current specific rubrics you may want to use with your schools or cluster leaders to achieve your goals.

Maori achieving success as Maori is a key focus of the Ministry of Education and our work in implementing NZC in our schools really has to take cognisance of this.
Merle Ramsay - currently at Waikato but soon to be working for MoE is actively working in this field. She has suggested several approaches which she shares with the advisers working in NLCs across the country, so I will in turn share these with you.
I look forward to your discussions (use the discussion tab) around how you are using these in your clusters and schools to improve the success of your Maori students.

ERO Report

Here is the link with the recent ERO report on progress towards our goals for Maori Achievement

external image pdf.png ' Progress 2010.pdf