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Literacy rubrics

Oroua Cluster's Oral Language Matrix

Mary Cuming from Apiti School uses this matrix with her students to assess oral language. Her students maintain e-portfolios using wikis. Worth a visit.
Great work - I will see how this fits with our thinking and use bits...Cheers Mary

Created by the Taranaki Small Schools NLC cluster
"This is awesome" (Mary Mayes) May I use this, please?

Lisa Kaye - Literacy adviser for Massey created these. I've heard them being used by many schools in my travels so that indicates they are valuable.
Useful for junior class Oueroa School ...Sorry I forgot to mention that Lisa gave me the Hexagons. Lisa has been doing a lot of PD with me and my part timer. She said she didn't mind sharing any of her stuff but I should have credited these to her. They work really well. Sharon...she helped with our redeveloped matrices if any one wants these
I like stuff...Cheers Mary

Writing plans

Tareha School Writing Plan

Oueroa School writing matrix...helped by Lisa Kaye

Reading programmes

Tareha School Reading programme

Oueroa School reading Matrix...helped by Lisa Kaye

Report templates

Marco School junior report

Oueroa School simple sheet for 3 way conferences at mid year
goes along with a learning folder with matrices in

Oueroa School end of year report


Tareha School

Tareha School

Management templates