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8th June
After attending a Lester Flockton seminar today in Napier, I have decided to look further into our reports and how much I do report on...probably far too much. Will keep you all posted if I invent 'The One'.
Cheers Mary

8th June.
me again.
The sheet I put on the resource page yesterday goes along with a folder each child has that shows their learning progressions. It is not a sample folder but has matrices in it that get updated regularly and are used to identify the kids next learning step. This folder is referred to regularly by the kids as well as me. Before the 3 way conference we (me and the kids) fill in the sheet and the kids practice what they are going to say to their parents. At the 3 way conference we look at the kids books and where the child is on the matrices and fill in the "what parents can do at home" bit with the parents ideas. We do these conferences at mid year over a 3 week period (1/2 hour each conference) and then we have a longer written report at the end of the year. Because all our matrices align to the Nat Standards the parents can see at mid year where their child fits by looking at the matrix. The end of the year report format refers briefly to the Nat Standards but has a lot more as well. I'll put that on the resource page too.
Hope that helps.

8th June
Hi All,
We are looking at our report also so am interested in any ideas.
Another question for everybody.. for your Year 1,2,3 children do you send out their reports on their birthdays to match with standards after 1 year at school, 2 years at school etc. I have just come across a school doing it. Interested if any one does this or thoughts on it.
Kinohaku School

Still 7th...
I am on a roll!!! have added a few things and will keep practising...I'm sure it gets easier (not that it is hard) just that I am not very savvy with IT. The help page was good.

7th June.
Thanks Heather...I will look at the help pages and give it a go later, have a mountain of work to do after a mucky week last week so hope to find time to think at some stage!!!!
Cheers Sharon

5th June
Hi Sharon. I'll put the answer to this up on the IT How To page. Thanks for asking it and for being prepared to give it a go.
If you want to keep an eye on the wiki and see when people have made changes, click on the Notify Me tab (top / middle of the page) and tick the box. You will get an email from wikispaces whenever there is a change to the wiki. You can sign up for just one page or every page. I suggest you get every page to start with, and when you're using the wiki, you can pull this back.
Cheers, Heather

Hi Julie,
I have a reporting sheet you can look at but I am not sure how to post it onto the shared resources page.
Can Heather or someone talk me through what to do?
Sharon Middleton

Hi Julie. Great question. There should be plenty of people interested in the outcome :-)
Have you looked at the ones on the Shared Resources page? There are a couple there now. If anyone else wants to send me some I'll put them up for everyone to share.
Cheers, Heather

Good afternoon colleagues,
I hope you have all returned to your schools inspired, refreshed and full of ideas, I know I have. However, I am currently altering/adjusting/modifying school reports, mid-year and end of year. Feed back from parents regarding our current report formats is not very positive! Thanks to Mary who has sent samples, Can anyone else help?

Julie Tumarae
Waipaoa Station School